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Jazzy, loungy, modern sing-alongs
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Silly, passionate, even shocking by turns, Hairplane!'s sounds and words will transport you to a younger you, or make you want to find a darker corner where you can dance with the one you love.

Hairplane! is a jazzy, tongue-in-cheek lounge quartet similar to Richard Cheese or Nouvelle Vague, with a Morphine flavor. Their members include Nicole Rachelle--who will blow you away with the sounds she can smash out of her saxophone and flute. Her ability to capture emotions in musical notes will transport you to a serene time where sensual sound and physical touch meet. Her approach is complimented by the fleet finger strokes of pianist Lucas Holmes. Holmes and Hairplane!'s funky percussionist provide the impetus that pulls you out of your chair and impels your feet helplessly toward the dance floor. Their creative interpretations of familiar songs make the delivery smooth, soothing, and upbeat while Aaron Pickering belts out lounge versions of the 80’s pop, new wave, and love songs you can’t help but sing along with.

This group is influenced by Esquivel, Senor Coconut, Nouvelle Vague and Morphine. Hearing George Michael and Sade flipped, while Pickering interacts with the audience and gives as much energy as one can imagine, is exciting, stimulating and electrifying. This group is great for private parties and special events.

Lounge versions of 80's pop, new wave and modern sing-alongs at their finest. Hairplane! is the fuel, transportation, and the destination.


Aaron Pickering

Nicole Rachelle

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