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Dance party powerhouse
the Fabulous Johnson Brothers
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You are the best aerobic instructor I've ever seen :) Loved seeing you last night - you boys are the best!
    --Jordan Sugarman

Another beautiful day in brewed, sipping now, dishes done, and I'm still humming
"She wore a Raspberry beret....the kind you find at a second hand store....."
To that I owe the fabulous Johnson Brothers, Matt Fielding Aaron Pickering, Nicole Rachelle.
    --Jeff Schrecengost

Tonite was my first time seeing you guys--- you did a phenomenal job! cant wait to see you again!
    --Andy Nash

You not only said 'Yes Gurl' but you did jazz hands at comfest... Too funny and Hot Great performance!!
    --Brad Zaborowski

Wow. Go 'head girl, go 'head get down...Saturday shook my groove thang... just what the doctor ordered!
    --Rachel November

You are a fabulous force of funkadelic fun. Thank you so much for sharing the music with us. xoxo
    --Matthew Dyer

Fantabulous show last night, JBros! You were bringin the heat for real!! I was drippin' before the end of the first set!!
    --Maria Celestino

Finally got to see the Fab JBs! I am gob smacked! Rendered mute! Damn, you guys are blazing!
Took a vote. fJB is FAB! Do you guys realize how good you are? You should cap that "f". It deserves it.
    --Barry Hayden

JBros were AMAZING last night!!!! I had a great time!!!!
    --Joe Bowman

The JBros rocked so hard that they set off an earthquake.
    --David Walsh

You kids ROCKED it last night at Woodlands Tavern! It wasn't just a was a production!!!
    --Amy Long

You and the band were AWESOME last night!!
    --Stephen Dial



Aaron Pickering

Miquel Stubbs

Nicole Rachelle

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